Robin Battey

202 29th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 909-0262


Personal Statement



As a combination of programmer, database administrator, network technician, systems administrator, public speaker, and computer security adept, I am looking for a position where I am called upon to use all of my skills to complete the tasks at hand.  My methodology is “use the right tool for the job”, which means that I use a vast variety of tools, ranging from off-the-shelf applications to utilities I’ve programmed for my own use.


I am a proponent of designing systems, services, and IT infrastructures to be easier to use and administer over time, avoiding the problem of “just one more hack”.  My work philosophy is to do the job well enough, openly enough, simply enough, and with enough documentation that my personal presence on a project is no longer needed, freeing me to turn my creative skills to other tasks.

Employment History


Solutions Architect, North America

1/2009 – Current


SurfKitchen Inc, Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom


Designed, managed, and led implementation of virtualized, automated, clustered service infrastructure to serve T-Mobile U.S. on-device portal, using Xen, Cobbler, RHEL, Puppet, JBoss, and Oracle RAC. Designed, managed, and led implementation of similar infrastructure for Orange Telecom UK, France, Poland, and Spain using VMWare, Ubuntu, and self-made automation tools.  Designed, managed, and led implementation of most aspects of service management, including router and VPN configuration, operating system install and configuration, JBoss tuning, VLAN management, monitoring, report generation, and performance tuning.



Manager of Network Services

11/2006 – 1/2009


UIEvolution Inc, Bellevue, WA


Manager and acting director of Production IT Services, Corporate IT Services, and Helpdesk. Designed, implemented, and supported clustered Linux production deployment infrastructure, including the AT&T Wireless MEdiaMall 2.0 service platform. Migrated acquired services to pre-existing infrastructure. Administered Cisco PIX, IOS routers and switches. Administered f5 BigIP, FirePass. Implemented single sign-on for all internal services using Kerberos and LDAP. Successfully met service level agreements of 99.999% uptime. Maintained Exchange 2003 and Blackberry Enterprise Server. Maintained building keycard security system and digital phones system. Reported to VP of Software and Services.



Senior Systems Administrator

5/2004 – 11/2006


Coastal Environmental Systems, Seattle, WA


Head of IT Department and IT Systems Architect.  Design, implement, and maintain IT infrastructure. Design and program multi-platform central authentication system.  Implemented open-source VPN using IPSec, L2TP, and x.509 PKI. Supported product installations, including NASA Shuttle Landing Facility.  Managed desktop support personnel.  Developed Scheme embedded systems software.  Administered MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL.  Programmed TSQL to synchronize management and timecard software. 



Linux Systems Engineer

7/2003 – 5/2004


PogoLinux, Redmond, WA


Installed, configured, and supported RedHat, SuSE, Debian, and Fedora on high end production servers.  Provided internal and customer Linux support.  Developed kernel patch to fix drive size limitation bugs.  Ported diagnostic tools to AMD64 platform.  Drafted process documentation.   Trained employees.



Network Design Consultant

9/2002 – 7/2003


LanWerX Gaming Center, Bellevue, WA


Designed and implemented the 100 machine gaming network for the LanWerX Game Center.  Installed and configured Cisco routers.  Created and implemented network security policy for store.  Documented all computer operations for store.  Worked with ISPs regarding handling of Denial of Service attacks.



Computer Systems Administrator

7/2000 – 5/2002


Oceanography Computing, University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Administered and secured UNIX, NT, and Mac servers. Analyzed network security. Performed forensic analysis of hacked systems.  Implemented firewalls and other network security.  Diagnosed and repaired failing hardware.  Administered Postgres & MySQL databases.  Drafted formal upgrade recommendations.



Software Engineering Intern

3/2000 – 7/2000


Go2Net Incorporated, Seattle, WA


Programmed anti-spam mail handling filters in Perl.  Programmed internal tools in JSP and Java.  Programmed webhosting migration in Oracle PL/SQL.  Administered Linux and Sun systems.  Developed Oracle schema. 



Unix Systems Administrator

11/1999 – 3/2000


Electrical Engineering Computing, University of Washington


Administered HPUX and NT server clusters for mail, file, and printing services.  Provided general computing support for student computer labs.








Volunteer Experience


Presenter, Grey Hat Group



Northwest Security Symposium, Tacoma, WA


Created and presented a 60-minute presentation titled, "Conceptual Cryptography"



Presenter, Seattle Area System Administrators’ Group



SASAG (formerly Seattle SAGE Group), Seattle, WA


Created and presented a 90-minute presentation titled, "Intro to Cryptography:  Crypto for Sysadmins"



Instructor, Association of Computing Machinery



University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Planned and led a series of beginning and intermediate Linux tutorials for the Computer Science department.



Guest Lecturer, Computing and Communications



University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Spoke to support staff regarding local and remote UNIX security, attack methods, and security analysis.



Programmer, Computing Services

1996 – 1997


Clark College, Vancouver, WA


Programmed HPUX utilities for campus lab assistants, including un-deletion utilities.



Computer Systems Administrator, Drafting Lab

1995 – 1997


Evergreen High School, Vancouver, WA


Programmed, upgraded, maintained, and secured drafting lab computers.



Networks Implementer, Computing Services



Irvington High School, Fremont, CA


Installed, configured, and secured a fiber-optic network backbone.




Master of Science, Information Management

in progress


University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering



University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Associate of Arts, General Arts



Clark Community College, Vancouver, WA

Skills and Proficiencies


Operating Systems/Services





Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris, HPUX, IRIX, Digital, Tru64, OSF, AIX, OSX

bourne, bash, csh, tcsh, awk, sed, cmd scripting


Database Design and Administration


Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, modperl

C/C++, Java, BeanShell


Small Group Mgmt


NIS/NIS+, Active Directory, LDAP


Cisco IOS/PIX config

Forensic Analysis


Kerberos, PAM, Winbind, NSS

Common Lisp, Scheme

SSL, x509 certificates

Linux Kernel Dev


Samba, NFS, Amanda, Bacula

Ruby, Perl, Smalltalk

Netfilter/iptables, ipf



Mediawiki, Bugzilla, Nagios, Acid

x86, 8051, MIPS asm

Bind8/9, Snort, DHCP

Public Instruction



Personal references available upon request.  Also, a Google search of my name is fairly informative.